Mass & Slim

Mass & Slim

 The perfect slimming solution, the Mass & Slim from Lanaform helps to combat cellulite and that unpleasant orange peal effect on your bottom, thighs and hips.

The Mass & Slim Tourmaline® slimming solution from LanaformTotally revolutionary, the Mass & Slim contains hundreds of Tourmaline® beads that help lose centimetres when they come into contact with the skin.

The Mass & Slim acts in two stages :

  • Immediately: they redefine your figure by slimming a very targeted area: your bottom, thighs, hips and stomach will look slimmer in an instant, and are comfortably supported.
  • In the long term: they help to correct and sustainably refine the parts of your body you might be ashamed of, thanks to their Tourmaline® beads, which gently increase the local skin temperature to help the body irrigate fat cells more effectively and so combat cellulite. The Tourmaline® beads also give your skin a micro massage thanks to their rounded shape, helping to improve blood circulation and lymph flow and so reduce that unpleasant orange peal effect

Results achieved after a survey lasting 30 days in the laboratory :

Hip circumference : - 3.2 cm

Thigh circumference : - 2.3 cm

According to a laboratory study, 100% of women say that the Mass & Slim is easy to use and 94% say that they are generally happy with the product. 87% say that it has a positive effect on cellulite and 77% on slimming.


Specifications :

  • Sizes : S (34/36), M (38/40), L (42/44), XL (46/48)
  • Colour available : Grey
  • Composition : 48% Polyamide, 37% Polyester, 15% Lycra
  • Dimensions of colour box : 22 x 17 x 2.5 cm
  • Net weight : 0.225 kg

Item No: 17

Price: 45.08 $