Icon "St. Menas"

Icon "St. Menas"

100% hand-painted using an old classic technology, in accordance with the orthodox canon.
Materials: High-quality egg tempera, gold leaf.
Dimensions: A4

St. Menas
St. Martyr Menas was Egyptian. He professed Christian faith and served in the army, located in Kotuan District under the command of the commander Firmilian in III-IV century. At that time the authorities in Rome, represented by Emperor Diocletian, issued a decree that all the Christians who do not worship the idols should be submitted to torture and killed.
The Christian Menas did not stay for a long time in the Army and retired in the desert in the vicinity of the city of Kotuan and continued to communicate with God. Once at the celebration in honour of the pagan gods, the citizens staged noisy spectacles and despicable sacrifices. Having learned about that, the hermit Menas entered the city and began to expose the upstart pagans. The town governor issued an order to arrest the disturber of the celebration. St. Menas was captured and brutally tortured – beaten with ox sinews, his body scraped with iron hooks, hanged upside down. Finally, the soldiers cut off his head, lit a fire and threw his suffering body in it. When the fire went out, the believers came to this place and gathered the remaining relics of the saint, wrapped them with clean cloth and anointed them with incense. Soon they brought the holy relics in his hometown of Alexandria and buried him in honour. Subsequently, a church was built at this place in the name of the holy martyr and many miracles occurred there following the prayers to the saint.
The feast day of St Martyr Menas is celebrated by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church on 11 November.

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