Icon "St. Helena"

Icon "St. Helena"

100% hand-painted using an old classic technology, in accordance with the orthodox canon.
Materials: High-quality egg tempera, gold leaf.
Dimensions: 30 х 40 сm

St. Helena
Flavia Julia Helena (Latin: Flavia Iulia Helena), also known as Saint Helen, Helena Augusta and Helen of Constantinople (250-330) is the mother of the Emperor Constantine I.
It is traditionally considered, that she searched for the location of the Calvary in Jerusalem, ordered excavations there and found the Holy Sepulcher and the Holy Cross.
There are a lot of legends about her. Some say she was the daughter of an innkeeper.
She is announced as a saint renowned for her piety by the Orthodox and the Catholic churches. Her feast day as a saint is celebrated by the Orthodox Church together with that of her son on May 21, the day of the St. Constantine and Helena, Equal to the Apostles. Her feast day is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church on August 18. Her feast day is celebrated by the Coptic Orthodox Church on 9 Pashons. She is the patroness of archaeologists.
According to some sources, at the age of eighty, Helena was placed at the head of a mission to gather Christian relics by her son, Emperor Constantine I, who had recently declared Rome as a Christian city. Helena travelled more than 144 miles from Rome to Jerusalem. The city was still being rebuilt because of its destruction by Hadrian, the previous emperor, who built a temple of Venus at the site of Jesus' tomb near the Calvary. According to the legend, Helena entered the temple with Bishop Macarius and chose a place to start excavations which resulted in the excavation of three different crosses, including the Holy Cross and the nails of the crucifixion. It is said that in order to use their miraculous power to aid her son, Helena put one of them in Constantine's helmet and another - in the bridle of his horse. Helena left Jerusalem and the eastern provinces in 327 to return to Rome and after her trip to the East, Helena died in the presence of her son.

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